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KitchenAid FGA Grinder Attachment Mixers Hamburger

I'd love something better!, This grinder does a great job of grinding meat and hard vegetables (onions, carrots, and the like). But take a look at the pictures showing the motor grease the grinder pulls into the meat and the way the plastic cracks, and check out the many all but uncleanable cracks and crevices. The photos are all too accurate.

You might be able to catch the motor grease ooze in a marker cap but it can't get to the front of the grinder without going through it with the meat. Cutting the meat small lessens the grease you see -- is that good or bad?

The grinder I got with my first Kitchen-Aid (mixer and grinder disappeared in a house moving and if they hadn't I bet they'd still be going strong!) was made of metal. Cast aluminum housing and cap, metal worm (the part that pushes the meat into the plates), and the same good stainless steel blade and plates. It was dimensionally stable and heat-safe, unlike the plastic and plastic-sheathed parts of the current design.

The motor grease is a fault of the mixer more than the grinder as far as I can see. My old Kitchen-Aid mixer never did this. This one oozes grease whenever any attachment is used; with the grinder the grease goes into the food.
Should have listened..., When I read other reviews about there being some sort of "metal" filings being ground in to the food, I assumed people weren't using it right. I received my Kitchenaid Food grinder yesterday, cleaned it up very well, and put it to use today. Imagine my dismay when I began seeing what looked like finely ground blackish/grey "metal" filings in my meat. I noticed that when the meat was coming out, this junk seemed to come right out of the center of the grinding plate. I took the grinder plate off and noticed that the knife is LOOSE around the square peg part of the grind worm. It has quite a bit of "wiggle" from side to side. I suspect this is some sort of milling/manufacturing issue since there should be no wiggle (I can almost turn the knife part of the assembly completely around the square peg) in this product, the knife should fit snugly around the square peg. My theory is that this is causing some wear on the square peg/knife and producing metal dust, which then gets transferred to the meat. I would imagine that ultimately, with enough wear, the square peg will lose it's squareness and render the grinder useless because the knife would just spin freely around the peg.

I'm going to ask my husband if there is any way to permanently affix the knife part to the grinder worm. Since this will be used exclusively as a grinder, I don't have to worry about taking it off for other attachments. If I can solve the "wiggle" problem, then there should be no more metal filings. Until we can figure something out, I won't be using it. I would return it, but it's a hassle and should work fine with some modifications.

The grinder does work beautifully, but it's clear this is not an isolated problem so based on that, I couldn't recommend it.
great kitchen helper, I was happy to find this item at such a good price. I received one like it when I first purchased my 6 qt KitchenAid mixer many years ago. At first I didn't know what to do with it but then I realized we could make extra fresh ground pork or beef from roasts bought on sale. Like another reviewer said, running a crust of bread through it at the end helps to get out the last little bit of meat. I do add the garlic and cut up ginger and grind it too when grinding pork for egg rolls.

After many years of use, my grinder has developed a crack and I have used it so much it has become a kitchen necessity. If you want to make your own sausage or ground chicken or whatever, this tool is just the thing to go with your mixer.
Hamburger, We bought this to link up with our KitchenAid mixer and had it since 2010. The white parts are plastic and the grinding and cutting parts are metal. We make our own hamburger since the market stuff has too much fat and who know what in it. Our local Vons or Ralphs sells london broil steaks sometimes for less than two dollars a pound.
Kitchen Aid Food Grinder and Sausage Stuffer, I have had this product for about two months and I have to say, unlike some reviews, that it works great. This grinder produces product as good as any I have seen in a professional kitchen with prices in the hundreds of dollars to over one thoudsand dollars. That being said...... this is not an attachment for a professional kitchen, it will do anything and everything the home cook wants to do with it, but I doubt it would stand the test of time in a commercial kitchen, after all it's plastic.

I have ground and stuffed at leat fifty pounds of meat/pork since I purchased this attachment with no problems. I will say that it is nice to have a second pair of hands when you are stuffing sausage, it can be a little tricky if you are alone.

Some tips for success:

1) When you first get the grinder set it up and lube the blade and die plates with some oil. Run it on speed 2 for about 5min with each die. Mark the die in some way so you always have the same side to the blade every time you grind.

2) When you assemble the unit DO NOT CRANK THE RETAINER SCREW DOWN LIKE A LUG NUT ON YOUR CAR!! Screw it on, and when it stops, STOP!!! No doubt the reason people are getting the "black slime" in the meat is they are cranking down the reatiner screw and causing excessive metal to metal contact.

3) Your meat needs to be super cold but not frozen. Cut it to grinding size, put it on a cutting board, then throw it in the freezer for 20min until firm. This makes a world of difference.
Used it for stuffing sausages., I bought this grinder to make sausages at home. I'm not happy at all with this grinder. The meat must be 100% lean so the fat won't get stuck in the little holes and clog it. The blade is not sharp enough in order to cut through the fat. Also to make sausages you need the plate with bigger holes. It takes a very long time so I just took the meat to the restaurant to grind it and just stuffed the sausages at home, but that also took hours.
DANGEROUS METAL PARTICLES, The metal parts of this product are shoddily made of inadequate materials. Metal dust is created between the hub of the worm, the cutter and the cutting plate rubbing together. Extreme health hazard. Imagine using this for baby foods!!!! Too bad as this product would be great if it was manufactured and engineered to a better standard.
Amazon have been great issuing a full refund. Since KitchenAid was sold to Whirlpool/Sears it has become just like many of Sears other brands. Junk! Too bad. Iconic American companies being sold out for quick profits.
Works exactly as told for me., I have been eyeing on this product ever since I purchased my Kitchen Aid Mixer 6 months ago. Every time I read negative review, I used to feel not to buy this. And then I read positive reviews and wanted to buy. After long debate, I wanted to give it a try. I went to local store and bought FGA and Slicer attachment. I gave FGA a try to ground chicken breasts and cook them for my baby. It was absolutely great, I was able to grind without any problem. Only thing I noticed was there was some chicken left behind the knife and rotating pin. I am extremely happy with my purchase and now I can ground all meats at home for my toddler.
Once again thank you Kitchen Aid.
No grey matter in my ground chicken, I did not even have to push meat hard, it made its way through.
Good addition to stand mixer, This meat grinder is well built and works well. It is good for grinding a few pounds of meat at a time. There is some waste, as a bit of meat gets stuck inside the grooves of the grinder and grinding plate.
KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers, The other reviews about this product causing metal filings to be found in the ground food are correct.
I will be contacting KitchenAid to voice my concerns.
Not the fault of Amazon.
Amazon....consider not selling this item until
problems with product design are resolved.

  • Ideal for grinding meats, grating cheese, making bread crumbs and combining dips, salsas, spreads
  • Includes fine and coarse grinding plates, tips, and recipes
  • Grinder attachment greatly expands a stand mixer's flexiblity
  • Most parts dishwasher safe for easy clean-up
  • Grinder can be used with any KitchenAid stand mixer

  • Ideal for grinding meats, grating cheese, making bread crumbs and combining dips, salsas, spreads.Includes fine and coarse grinding plates, tips, and recipes.Grinder attachment greatly expands a stand mixer's flexiblity.Most parts dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.Grinder can be used with any KitchenAid stand mixer. This tool increases the fun factor of your KitchenAid stand mixer several times over. Toss cubes of meat into the food tray, stomp 'em down, and watch the results wriggle out the front. Grind your own beef or chicken for patties or tacos. Blend your own sausage mixtures, from breakfast to boudin blanc. With additional attachments, you can turn it into a pasta maker or a sausage stuffer. It's easy to assemble and use. Most parts are dishwasher-safe; hand wash the grinding blades, food stomper, and cutting knife.

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